by Isabrut

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released October 24, 2014

Composed by C.Sutherland, K.Brickell, M.Maclean
Instrumentation and Vocals by K.Brickell
Guest Vocals on Omen by I.Campbell



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Isabrut Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Roots
On the shores I stand
The sun hidden behind
A grave mist risen
From the frozen ocean

Tracing over the rocks
I can feel Runes
Etched memories
Of my people

Many years have gone
Since I have stood here last
Felt the winds of my home
And the stones under my feet

Spread before me
A sea of endless ice
Three peaks peaks
And nine moons

Behind me
The roots of the tree
Cracking through the worlds
Into the realm of Hel

Three peaks
And nine moons
We stand at the roots
Of Yggdrasil
Track Name: Prophecy
The white horn
Screeches across the starless land
The night lit by a fire
All the worlds engulfed
Goodness gone from the hearts of men
Kin have turned on kin
Devoid of mercy
The Sun boils itself black

The mighty Mjölnir has fallen
Dead with the serpent
Drowned into the sea
The bones of our ancestors
Burned into ash
The lands of all men
Ruined to nothingness

The bark peels and churns
Blackening to soot
To rubble
To nothing
Blistering, Smoldering
Leaves to cinder
Branches to ash
All to nothing

The hanged God enraged
Raises the dead
To fight the prophets of madness
The world burns itself alive